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High Pressure Cleaning Service

We help keep your roof clean. High-pressure cleaning in Melbourne (especially) is essential to help protect your home's roof against natural elements. Often, homeowners are unaware of the potential damage caused by moss and mold growth on the roof. Leaving moss, old decaying leaves, and mildew on the roof will usually lead to roof tiles' corrosion. Reduce your chances of having to replace your entire roof with regular maintenance. Once roof tiles are too severely damaged, the only roof restoration available is replacing every defective tile or the entire roof itself.

Tip: If you notice dark patches on your roof, it's a sign mold is growing.

How We Do It:

Our experienced technicians come to your Melbourne home to pressure wash your roof. We use high-pressure water at 3500psi to safely and effectively remove dirt, debris, mold, moss, and mildew from your roof. Our system is tough enough to eliminate rubble and buildup but gentle enough to ensure your roof remains unharmed.

How Often Do You Need To Pressure-Wash?

On average, a pressure wash is recommended every 3-5 years. Usually, this is often enough that when and if problems develop, they can be caught early on.

After we're finished pressure washing your roof, your home is left looking clean and fresh. Add value to your home, amp up your curb appeal, and help prevent long-term damage to your roof with our high-pressure washing services.

E.T. Roofing 10 years warranty

Our Commitment To Clients: In all that we do, we guarantee punctuality in our work, ensuring timely project completion


High Pressure Washing

5 Reasons to Pressure Wash the Roof of Your Home

#1. Roof Longevity

High-pressure washing helps preserve your roof’s shingles or tiles. Here in Melbourne, we see drastic weather changes. As the years pass, debris, algae, mold, plants, and mildew slowly build up on your roof and cause discoloration and deterioration.

#2. Prevent Fungus

Keep algae and mold out of your home. High-pressure washing can help with roof restoration by removing decay and infestations. You don’t want mold to spread into your home through your roof. It’s known to cause health hazards to people and pets.

#3. Save Energy

Did you know a clean roof can help save money on heating and cooling? A roof that is in poor condition can lead to higher energy bills. If the roof isn’t intact, you’ll have to spend more trying to regulate the temp of your living spaces.

#4. Improve Curb Appeal

No one wants to have the “dirty” house on the block. Our pressure washing services help keep your Melbourne home looking its best. We’ll gently wash away all of the dirt, leaves, buildup, and debris from your roof that can make it look messy or unkempt. Keep in mind a clean roof can help a great deal when selling your home.

#5. Keep The Critters Outside

Buildup like old fallen branches, soggy leaves, dust, twigs, dirt, and other materials can attract crawling insects and even some small rodents. They can enter your home through the deteriorating roof shingles.


Our goal is to restore roofs to look gorgeous and keep your property protected from harsh weather conditions.

Contact us to request a quick site visit. Upon inspection, subsequent submission, and approval of a quote, we commence our roof repair and restoration services.

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