Valley Iron Replacement


Replace Your Rusted Valley Iron

We help ensure the roof over your home is durable and secure from the elements. A valley iron is a metal water channel that's installed under roof tiles. The metal flashing directs excess water to be released into the gutter and away from the home. Old, corroded, or damaged valley irons put your roof and home at risk for water damage.

Valley irons need to be maintained to function correctly, but natural wear & tear may also occur. Over time, the metal can simply wear away, get damaged, or succumb to rusting, causing water to leak into the house. Water in the home often leads to structural problems and other costly, stressful repairs.

Our valley iron replacement services include removing your old, leaking, or rusted valley irons and replacing them with new modern valley irons. Our E.T. Roofing specialists use new state-of-the-art Colorbond or zinc valley irons. Better materials mean a longer lifespan and more protection for your home. Our metal channels are available in several different colors and styles to fit your home's aesthetic.

If you're concerned about the structure or integrity of your roof, we're here to help. We're committed to offering the top roof restoration services in Melbourne. One of our experts will assess the valley irons in your home to determine if a replacement is needed.

Our crew safely discards your old valley irons and cleans up after the job is complete. Get in touch with our experienced team today to request a no-commitment estimate or book our services.

E.T. Roofing 10 years warranty

Our Commitment To Clients: In all that we do, we guarantee punctuality in our work, ensuring timely project completion


Install valley seal

Maximize the lifespan of your roof with valley seal. Valley irons are designed to divert rainwater, meaning they’re often at risk for corrosion and rust. Your team of roof restoration experts will complete the process by sealing and waterproofing the iron valley. Our unique seal helps keep water where it should be, outside of your home. Leaking, rusty, or damaged valley irons are unfit for use. We want to help prolong the lifespan of your replacement valley irons.

What is Valley Seal?

After the installation, we complete the process with valley seal, a coated foam strip that keeps valleys safe from harsh weather and annoying pests and reduces the chances of premature corrosion. Valley seal is pliable, meaning it moves with the breathing of the roof. The seal expands on hot days and contracts on chilly nights to keep the integrity of your system 24/7.

The seal is installed on either side of the valley to form a barrier that also helps deter birds from calling your valley iron home and eliminate pests entering roof cavity areas. The seal will also stop leaves from building up, making the valley iron much more effective in preventing water from entering the home.

We don’t just want to replace your system. E.T. Roofing is committed to going above and beyond to guarantee our client’s homes are safe. Let us help protect the roof over your head.


Our goal is to restore roofs to look gorgeous and keep your property protected from harsh weather conditions.

Contact us to request a quick site visit. Upon inspection, subsequent submission, and approval of a quote, we commence our roof repair and restoration services.

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